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On the strength of five decades of professional experience, Tandy Instruments can repair, service and calibrate most measuring devices including cable-driven speedometers and chronometers, antique clocks, mud pressure gauges and rheometers.

If replacement parts are no longer available – as is the case with many vintage pieces – we machine new parts to the necessary critical tolerances, ensuring your important or precious instrument performs as new.

Upon inspection of your device, we provide a free written estimate for repairs, parts and materials, for your approval prior to work commencing.

Should we later discover any potential areas of concern, we'll give you the option to repair or service up-front, before the operation or accuracy of your device is affected.

In order to guarantee all repairs, servicing usually involves a complete strip-down. All parts are cleaned and polished, lubricated, repaired or machined if necessary. After reassembly, the instrument is precision calibrated to the standards for that device.

Tandy Instruments has been serving customers in Perth, throughout Australia and internationally since 1987.

Recent Projects

  • 1946 Morgan Gauges
  • 1950s Standard Vanguard Speedometer
  • 1928 Dupont Speedo
  • 1950s Hillman Minx Speedo
  • c.1914 S. Smith & Son Speedometer
  • Bentley Series J Speedo
  • Vauxhall Velox Speedometer
  • 1949 Hudson Super 6 Speedo
  • 1927 Bentley Speedometer
  • 1928 Bentley Speedometer
  • 1905 Napier Instrument Cluster
  • 1925 French Mantle Clock
  • 1947 Harley Davidson Speedo
  • 1750 Grand Father Clock
  • Gloucester Park Tower Clock
  • 1966 Chevrolet Speedometer
  • 1905 Stewart Speedo
  • Cameron Mud Gauges
  • Tapley Brake Meters
  • 1966 Impala Car Clock
  • 1965 Triumph Tachometer
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Tandy Instruments

How it works

  1. Contact us by phone on 0409 680 076 or send an email
  2. Send or bring your instrument(s) to us
  3. Upon inspection we will provide a free estimate for repairs and parts
  4. Upon approval of the estimate we will undertake all necessary work
  5. We issue our invoice. You pay online, by cash, cheque or money order
  6. Your carefully packaged instrument(s) is despatched / delivered to you

Customer Satisfaction

Harley Davidson speedometer before and after repair and restoration

"Just want to say thanks for the great job you have done on my WLA speedo. Have a look at the before and after photos."

"Many thanks for your good service and tips, checked out the cable and all OK. Reinstalled the speedo and did a 5 Km road test – Result – Perfect in every way, many thanks for your expertise and service. I will recommend you to my group of enthusiasts, both Classic Bikes and Cars."

"I have returned to Brisbane at last. The package was waiting for me on the veranda. Very pleased with the speedo. It's so beautiful I'm reluctant to put it in the car in case I damage it!"

1947 Harley Davidson Speedometer
For Sale 1947 Harley Davidson Lend-Lease Speedometer Fully functioning, reconditioned, serviced and calibrated. 6 month warranty. Genuine Offers
0409 680 076
Early S. Smith & Son speedometer c. 1914
For Sale c. 1914 S. Smith & Son Speedometer Rare accessory speedometer originally advertised as 'The Midget.' 3,360 revs per mile. SN 02-8083. Fully functioning, reconditioned, serviced and calibrated. 6 month warranty. Genuine Offers
0409 680 076
1959 Chevrolet Speedometer
For Sale 1959 Chevrolet Speedometer (Impala, Bel Air) Fully functioning, reconditioned, serviced and calibrated. 6 month warranty. Genuine Offers
0409 680 076
1925 Stewart Warner Oval Speedometer - Nash Ajax Tourer
For Sale 1925 Stewart Warner Oval Speedometer (Nash Ajax Tourer) Fully functioning, reconditioned, serviced and calibrated. 6 month warranty. $1500 ono
0409 680 076
1900s Antique Luzon Mantle Clock by E. Ingraham Co. Bristol, Conn. USA
For Sale Early 1900s Antique Luzon Mantle Clock By E. Ingraham Co. Bristol, Conn. USA. China lacquer. Filigree pattern. 6 month warranty. Genuine Offers
0409 680 076
1927-30 AC Speedometer - Chevrolet, Dodge
For Sale 1927–30 AC Speedometer (Chevrolet, Dodge) Fully functioning, reconditioned, serviced and calibrated. 6 month warranty. SOLD
0409 680 076
speedometer repair

Speedometer Repair Service

Speedometers work in several ways, some by centrefrugle weights; others by magnets. Modern types are electronic. The number of engine revs determines the calibration of the speedometer and the revs are different from model to model. Cable driven speedos can seize when the main shaft and body run out of lubrication, which in turn can break the cable or damage the gear that drives the cable at the engine end. Contact us for speedo repair & calibration.

Chronometers, or chronometric speedos, work on a clock principle where very fine adjustments are required for perfect functionality. A typical repair involves stripping down and cleaning the movement followed by a calibration process involving weights.

Repairs to Elliott Brothers London (EBL) speedometers. These were fitted to – among others – Napier cars in the early 1900s. This type of speedometer has the odometer above the speedo. There is also the EBL Triple where the odo is at the bottom; the speedometer in the middle and a clock at the top.

antique clock repairs

Antique Clock Repairs

Vintage and antique clocks stop working because of wear and tear and lack of lubrication. The gears that drive the clock are fitted on to spindles which are located into holes in the two plates that form the body of the movement.

These holes wear in a elongated shape and this eventually traps the spindle. And because it is out of line and lubrication, correct rotation of the gears becomes impossible. Contact us for antique clock repair service.

mud gauge repair calibration

Mud Pressure Gauge Repair

Mud gauges (also generically referred to as Cameron Gauges or Water Pump Gauges) have pressure applied to a diaphragm then to a pin and plate through to a spring which operates the movement. All of these components need critical assembly and calibration.

We repair, service and calibrate all common mud gauge makes including Cameron, Oteco, Geolograph Pioneer and DTH. Fast turnaround.

rheometer repair and service

Rheometer Repairs

Rheometers have a 'bob' that sits in the sample being tested. The bob is surrounded by a rotor with a specific gap separating the two components. The rotor is turned by hand crank or by RPM-calibrated motor.

As the rotor turns it also tries to turn the bob which is connected to a dial indicator via a spring – which is of a known tension – and it is this turning effect that gives the viscosity reading.

Speedometer Repairs

  • Early Rolls Royce speedometers
  • Stewart Warner speedometers
  • Ajax Tourer
  • Vintage and Veteran speedos
  • Chronometer / Chronometric
  • Odometer repair / restoration
  • Elliot Bros (Triple)
  • Smiths
  • Jaeger
  • Veglia
  • Harley Davidson
  • BMW
  • Ducati
  • Mercedes
  • AC
  • VDO
  • Kienzle Vibe Recorders
  • XD Falcon
  • Bonoville speedo and tacho
  • All cable-driven speedometer repair, restoration, service and calibration.

Antique Clock Repair

  • Ansonia
  • Cuckoo
  • Grand Father Clocks
  • Grand Mother Clocks
  • Mantle
  • Schatz 8 Bells Ships Clocks
  • Schatz Barometers
  • Wall Clocks
  • Westminster Chimes

Mud Gauge Repairs

Water Pump Gauge Repair

  • Cameron Gauge F & D Types
  • Oteco F & D Types
  • Geolograph Pioneer
  • DTH Products
  • O Drill
  • Pressure Gauge Calibration
  • Mud Gauge Calibration

Rheometer Repairs

  • Ofite Model 800
  • Bariod Model 286
  • Fann Models 34A, HC 34A, 35A 35SA


  • All barometer models repaired, serviced, calibrated.

Old Ships Compasses

  • All compass models refilled, repaired, serviced.
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